Look what's in your Glass Beadmaking Starter Kit
The HOT HEADtm Glass Beadmaking Starter Kit
Cindy Jenkin's ORIGINAL KIT has been streamlined.
This kit still has absolutely everything you need to get started making your own beautiful glass beads. We've
eliminated the heat proof work surface and the millefiori....BUT we've added a Rod Rest and tweezers.
Heat Proof work surface and mille fiori are available at an additional cost.
Hot Head BeadTorch tm(1) - $49.95
-You can't make beads without this.  It provides your flame.-
Table Top Torch Holder Kit (1) - $8.95
-attaches your Torch and Fuel Canister securely to your work surface. -
Stainless Steel Mandrels (10 @  9"-12") - $7.50
-Wrap your hot glass around these to make the beads.-
Flame-Dry Bead Separator (2 Oz.) - $4.75
- Keeps the molten glass from sticking to the mandrel & makes the bead easy to
take off the mandrel -
Morretti Glass Rods (COE 104) - $15.90
This assortment of glass rods will get you started.   Plenty of glass.  15 colors, some
opaque and some transparent.  Includes white and black.
Grooved Marver (1) - $5.95
- Vital tool for your work area-
- Mash & shape your molten bead --pick up frit , foil and millefiori onto the bead -- roll
the bead across the grooved side to make regular or diagonal impressions in your
bead -
Bead Rake (1) - $5.95
- Also a "must have" tool -
- Push, poke, and control the glass -This is your hand in the heat -
5.5" x 10" Fiber Blanket (2 pieces) - $8.95
- At room temperature, your bead cools on the outside too fast, and breaks.  While
your bead is still hot, not red but "shape stable", put your beads between the
blankets and they  will cool without breaking -
Scrubbie Pad (1) - $.50
- scrubs the mandrel clean between uses -
Rod Rest (1) - $ 8.95
-This handy tool will help you keep your work area organized.  Place your hot glass
rods on it to slow cooling of the tip, prevent the hot glass from touching anything, and
help you keep track of what's hot and what's not.-
Tweezer (1) - $ 5.95
-When the glass is really hot and molten, you just want to touch it and push it
around.  This tool lets you do that.  This tool is your "fingers in the fire".
Pinch and pull with it.
You Can Make Glass Beads By Cindy Jenkins
Designed to bring the fundamentals of bead making to everyone.  It will help you set
up your workspace, set up your torch and light it, prep your mandrels and make your
first bead.   It  will get you started right with step by step instructions accompanied by
clear precise illustrations and photographs.  It includes a number of basic and
intermediate bead making techniques for embellishing your beads beautifully -
including dots, frit work, using millefiori and casing techniques.
with glass rods - $115  
($127 with postage added)
without glass rods - $105
($117 with postage added)

$12 added to cover USPS Medium Box and
insurance for mailing.  
If you order other items, no additional
postage needed unless whole order won't fit
in Kit Box.
Sorry,  Beads not included.
KIT with or without glass $12 postage added